Steven Andrews

Steven Andrews


Squat- 485



Snatch-245 J

erk-305 D

eadlift- 525


CrossFit Level 1 Certified

About Coach

Steven is co-owner and coach here at Savage Society. Steven grew up playing baseball and football and went to college on a baseball scholarship. Steven has experience in athletic training and looks to advance himself further in the fitness industry. Steven first got an itch for fitness 8 years ago in Crossfit. He walked in, overweight and out of shape, and has never looked back. Since then he's developed a love for fitness and helping others achieve their goals.

Turning Point

My turning point was when I stepped on the scale at 265 and got out of breath walking upstairs. I knew I needed a change. So I took a leap into CrossFit and 8 years later here I am.

Motivation & Passion

I love coaching everyone. I love helping folks achieve their goals in fitness. Seeing people grow from where they started is so refreshing and rewarding. The excitement on people’s faces when they achieve a lift or a certain goal is why I coach.

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